Zuhause / Gameplay

What’s the quickest way to become more powerful?

Constellation bonuses are crucial in the beginning.

Traveling to new constellations doubles attack damage of the Captain, Crew and Starship. As such, travel to the ones near Earth as quickly as possible when first starting out. 

After you've traveled enough of the constellations near Earth...

It is important to level up the Captain’s skills.

Whenever you travel to a constellation, collect Star Stones to upgrade the Captain's skill level. Even a few Star Stones can significantly increase the attack powers of the Captains, Crews and the Starships early on.

Upgrade Hyper Cores after the Captain’s skill reaches a certain level.

Every time a Hyper Core is acquired, the total attack damage increases by 30%, and for each time the Hyper Core level increases, its performance increases. Hyper Cores can be upgraded with warp stones that are acquired whenever warps to Earth are accomplished. If there are strong space monsters to be fought, it is a good idea to warp from time to time and upgrade Hyper Cores.

Upgrade the Captain’s Weapon.

In addition to the rifle, the Captain has a variety of weapons, which includes lasers, missiles, cannons, and auto bits. Collect the Gems from the UFO then unlock and enhance Captain’s weapons. The power of the Captain’s Weapon will reach beyond imagination.

Unlock the skins.

Unlocking the skins of the Captain, Crew, and Starship increases the attack damage by 2 times. Unlocking the skins first is recommended since Starship’s travel speed increases as well as increasing the weapons by 3 times.