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Tips for beginners

  1. There are 5 buiding types that can be constructed (Residence, Hotel, Restaurant & Cafe, Shop, Landmark).
  2. Construct a residence to increase number of workers. Workers are not consumed when constructing residences.
  3. Construct hotels to increase tourists.
  4. Construct restaurants & cafes to increase food index.
  5. Construct shops to earn more Gold.
  6. Landmarks have high building scores and induce additional bonus scores from other buildings, which lead to significant increases in village score.
  7. Lava stones are required to construct or upgrade buildings. Lava stones can be acquired from the volcanic island of Nea Kameni.
  8. Increase the number of tourists to increase the amount of Gold earned.
  9. Upgrade the new port to increase the number of tourists.
  10. Obscuring a view of a rear building due to the height of the building in front decreases the building score.
  11. Constructing identical buildings within the village decreases the landscape index.
  12. Recycle waste periodically at the recycling facility to keep Santorini clean.
  13. Hotels, restaurants & cafes, and shops of tier 3 or higher acquire Gold automatically.
  14. Decreased landscape, food, and cleanliness index, may lead to decreases in village score and village level.
  15. Moving a friend into a residence as homestay increases the number in workers.
  16. Santorini lighthouses and airports can be used to temporarily increase the number of tourists.